New services status and NOC page!

New services status and NOC page!

monitoringFrom now on you can check the status of our services fast and easy via our new services status page! It is available via

We have also set up a new NOC / Network information page at or!

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions to add to these public pages.

Nieuwe algemene voorwaarden, verwerkingsovereenkomst en privacyverklaring
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Pagina bijgewerkt: Privacyverklaring
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New services status and NOC page!
Emergency Maintenance 02-10-2017
Upstream Network Performance Issues
NIEUW: Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
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Vanaf heden is onze nieuwsbrief weer beschikbaar!
Uitbreiding van ons net werk met een 10 GBit/s transit
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DDoS attack [SOLVED]
DDoS attack [UPDATE 13:55]
DDoS attack [UPDATE 13:44]
Nieuwe slogan: Where bits feel at home!
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